by Prue Smith

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This beautifully written autobiography shows us what it means to take a life seriously and to live in it. Born in Johannesburg, Prue Smith spent much of  her childhood in the magical garden which her mining-engineer father created out of bare veld. As soon as the Second World War ended, she determined to break with the conditions of life in South Africa and begin her life again in England, where she became a star of international radio, working for the BBC in London and throughout Africa. But the move to England was not without cost: her childhood was lost to her and throughout her life a sense of shame at her origins remained with her. It was only what she calls the peace of Mandela, coming so unexpectedly, that made it possible for her to overcome the divisions of her past and bring her full developed self back to its source. Her book celebrates the moment of change while eloquently and quietly reveals to us the arts of life-making: ways of thinking and feeling all but lost to South Africans under the conditions of apartheid.

Language: English

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-86486-461-1, 2,

Rights: World

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