THIS INCREDIBLE LAND: A (Very) Concise History of South Africa

THIS INCREDIBLE LAND: A (Very) Concise History of South Africa

by Wendy Watson

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From prehistory to the first settlers, from colonialism to apartheid, and from the turbulent transition to the first two decades of democracy, This Incredible Land takes you swiftly through the most important events of South Africa’s tempestous and terrific past. Clear and chronologically-­‐structured, this book is a perfect primer on the most significant political, social and economic events in South African history. A must-­‐read for scholars and students, and an enriching experience for tourists and citizens, this is a book for any and every history-­‐lover’s shelf.

Language: English

Formats: Paperback, eBook

ISBN: 978-1-4856-2284-0, 2015, 210x145mm, 190 pages

Rights: World

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