by Menan Du Plessis

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The first novel by an excitingly articulate new writer is the first previously unpublished work to appear originally in Africasouth Paperbacks.

The setting is Cape Town in the stormy winter of 1980, a time of open unrest - the bus boycott, the meat boycott, the boycotting of classes at the black and so-called "Coloured' schools. The novel consists of the deliabretely subjective narrative of Anna Rossouw, a young white teacher at a coloured high school, who shelters two of her pupils when they arrive on her doorstep. They are engaged in some kind of political resistance, though Anna never quite knows what: from one night-mission Wilson does not return; Felicia moves out soon afterwards. 

Language: English

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-86486-002-6, 1,

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