How Many Frogs Can You See?

How Many Frogs Can You See?

by Nicolaas Maritz

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Frogs are simply fabulous. From seemingly grouchy toads who croak all night in raspy voices, to smaller, more delicate frogs, who squeak or squeal or whistle endearingly – all frogs are madly personable. The frogs in this counting book have been arranged from 1 to 10 of those brilliant frogs that can be seen by day, and then backwards from 10 to 1 of those secretive frogs that are only active under cover of darkness.

A celebration of southern African frogs in all their glory.

Illustrator: Nicolaas Maritz

Language: English

Formats: Paperback, Hardback

ISBN: 978 1 4856 2975 7, August 2020, 240x290mm, 32 pages

Rights: World

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