Books that Matter

Books that Matter

by Marie Philip

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South Africa in the 1970s was a divided and increasingly traumatised country, seemingly permanently in the toils of apartheid, and with little space available for open discussion of apartheid policies or awareness of just what those policies were meaning in the lives of people.
It was in this context that David Philip, a South African already involved for several years in publishing, became convinced there must be more opportunity for books with informed discussion and debate to be written and published within the country. He persuaded his wife Marie, also with publishing experience, that they could together set up their own independent publishing company, to publish ‘Books that matter for Southern Africa’-- in social history, politics, literature, or whatever, good of their kind and ready to challenge mainstream apartheid thinking.
This is an anecdotal account -- a memoir -- of the lows and highs of a small, cheerful, underfunded but vibrant ‘oppositional’ publishing company, David Philip Publishers, from the year 1971 through to the birth of the new South Africa.
Royalties on the sale of this book will go to EQUAL EDUCATION.

Language: English

Formats: Paperback, eBook

ISBN: 978-1-48562-287-1, 2014, 230x150mm, 188 pages

Rights: World, Canada, French speaking countries

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