by Gavin Lewis

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This major study of the origins and development of specifically Coloured politics in South Africa begins by breaking new ground on the controversial topic of Coloured identity and ‘ethnicity’. It then proceeds to examine the nineteenth-century origins of organised Coloured politics, and the rise of Coloured political elites. In the process the book analyses the struggles of these organisations – one of which, the APO, preceded the ANC by a decade, and had the largest membership of any black political organisation until the 1940s – to secure the extension of Coloured voting rights and educational opportunities, first in the Cape Colony and later in the Union of South Africa.
Further chapters deal with the fight against the growing network of segregation measures; the attempts to mobilise rural and urban workers; the relationship with white, African and Indian politicians and organisations; and the emergence of rival accommodationist and new, militant non-collaborationist political movements. Although the main focus is on the formative period up to 1948, the book concluded with a survey of the main political developments up to the present day. Between the Wire and the Wall is essential reading for those seeking to understand the evolution of black political thought and activity in modern South Africa.

Language: English

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-86486-059-0, 2016, 210x135mm, 195 pages

Rights: World

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