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The Multilingual ABC recognises and values the linguistic resources,
diversity and pluralism of this southern part of the African continent.
– Xolisa Guzula, Bua-lit Language and Literacy Collective

Language provides a beautiful pool of communal knowledge that links
us all. With animal names in over 20 Southern African languages, this
book will start you on your very own journey of multilingualism –
what could be more empowering than that? - Nicolaas Maritz

Afrikaans │ Al-ʿArabiyyah اَلعَْرَبِيةَُّ │ Deutsch │ English │ Français
Khoekhoegowab │ IsiNdebele │ Nǀo̰akhoe Kx’ui │ Nǀuuki
Português │ Sepedi │ Sesotho │ ChiShona │ KiSwahili
SiSwati │ Xitsonga │ Setswana │ Tshivenḓa │ OshiWambo
IsiXhosa │ IsiZulu │ !Orakobab │ ǃXóɲa ǂÂá

An introduction to the animal and languages of the southern African region

Illustrator: Nicolaas Maritz

Language: Multilingual

Formats: Paperback, Hardback

ISBN: 978 1 4856 2977 1, July 2020, 240x290, 36 pages

Rights: World

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