by Menan du Plessis

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The action of Longlive! takes place over one day from sunrise to nightfall, and the interwoven parts are the lives of a group of young people - explored in their own flashbacks - throughout this momentous day. Andrè Binneman, brooding academic; Desiree September, a voluntary worker at a trade union's advice office; Marisa Siervogel, flamboyant actress and a somewhat unlikely new activist; these three share a house with the elusive Chris Braaf, a gifted young opera singer who spends his last day in South Africa. 

The themes of the novel are played out against a background of protest marches, detentions, school boycotts, and a township funeral. The question that haunts each character is: How to act in response to such times?

The times are violent, but it becomes apparent that mere speaking may be an act of violence; while neglect of the gift may be fatal in the bloodiest sense. 

Language: English

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-86486-125-2, 1,

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