APARTHEID’S FESTIVAL: Contesting South Africa’s National Pasts

APARTHEID’S FESTIVAL: Contesting South Africa’s National Pasts

by Leslie Witz

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Apartheid’s Festival highlights the conflicts and debates that surround the 1952 celebration of the 300th anniversary of the landing of Jan Van Riebeeck and the founding of Cape Town, South Africa. Taking place at the height of the apartheid era, the festival was viewed by many as an opportunity for the government to promote its nationalist, separatist agenda in grand fashion. Leslie Witz examines newspapers, brochures, pamphlets and advertising material produced around the event. Apartheid’s Festival is an important study in nationalism, the making of public history, and a society in transition.

Language: English

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-25321-637-0, 2003, 230x163mm, 344 pages

Rights: southern Africa

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